Jasper is recovering

6:05 am CST December 23, 2008 you can view some video shorts that we uploaded *********************************************************** Jasper had his surgery for his epiglottis Monday. He is on morphine and some other meds that keep him paralyzed so he won't move and cause him to irritate his throat. They think they might try Thursday or so to try and remove the breathing tube and see how well his airway is. Dr. Ostrower felt the surgery was a success and they did improve the severe case of laryngealmalaysia that Jasper has, however they are not sure if he will still need a trach or not. Also, nurse Judith was able to get a PIC line in yesterday! Yeah Judith! ******************************************************** Well, they think they are going to try to remove the breathing tube tomorrow, Wed, please say an extra prayer and/or think some positive thoughts that he will be able to breathe on his own! We received a wonderful blanket with trucks on it today from another family making a return trip to say hello and thanks to everyone on the floor. I met a mom today who has been at Children's for 3 1/ months waiting for a heart for her one year old daughter. She said there are at least 4 children waiting right now. She has the Berlin heart right now while she is waiting. I also met a mother who just flew in from Romania to have her babies heart operation as well. ****************************************************** We received a wonderful navy blanket today! Good thing as Jasper keeps peeing on his other blankets and they had to go in the wash. Today they took him off the breathing tube and things were going well, we are hoping for a quiet night, as Santa comes to Childrens tomorrow at 8:am and visits every room and every child gets a present! Isn't that amazing!!! We will have pics!

mom holding him the night before his surgery

Little J, he really hates the tube and if we don't keep him swaddled he pulls it out

an EKG before surgery

after surgery resting and recovering

Nurse Judith

a new blanket and a book from another heart family

from Tante Renate, this was wonderful and held Jasper's attention while dr's and nurses performed procedures, or tried to stick him with needles

24 Dec 2008 1:pm off breathing tube!!!

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