Jasper Johnson Golf Outing

2:17 pm CDT March 17, 2010
Every day we awake missing out little man. There is such an array or emotions we have from stark grief, to happiness he has peace, to fatigue, to confusion. It will take time for us, but Chris and I are happy to have each other.

We have been working on getting the details together for our golf outing. Hopefully in a week or two, things will be ironed out and we can start getting registration under way, as well as help with sponsorship. Please feel free to pass on Jasper's website and email to anyone interested in sponsoring the event, hole sponsorship, or donation of raffle items.

I posted some pics below of pictures Chris' cousin sent from Maine with Jasper's name in rocks, it is very nice. Also these lovely moms in an online group I am in made a quilt. These moms all had children due in November 2008.

We will hopefully get some results back from the final report in a week or two.We might not have an exact reason why Jasper's heart stopped beating. His body was under a lot of stress after the surgery, going through his Ativan wean/withdrawal caused him even more. Doctors have told us that these cardiac children have little to no reserve, meaning stresses our bodies with healthy hearts can handle, their bodies just can't handle.

We hoped we could beat the odds. And considering pediatric open heart surgery is still such a new field, ( the shunt surgery was performed in 1944 for the first time) it was a miracle that the surgeons were able to do what they did for Jasper.

Throughout his short life, Jasper endured 10 surgeries and several heart catheterizations. He cried less than ten times in his life. He liked to be held and patted and sung to and he would watch his mom sing, forgetting what the doctors and nurses were doing. He was so strong and brave, we are so proud that our son did so much in his life. I always let him know I was so proud of him.He knew he was special and that makes us happy.

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