Jasper's First Bottle

4:29 am CST December 6, 2008
Well, yesterday was a big day, his chest tubes came out as did the breathing tube from surgery! And last night he had his first taste of breast milk from a bottle! He hasn't eaten since he was inside me, poor guy. It took a few attempts but he did get the bottle in his mouth and drank a half an ounce, then passed out :-) Mum and dad were very proud and slept a little better knowing he had some food in his tummy. They will keep the ng tube through his nose to pump more milk into his tummy to keep the calories coming in. And they said he will be moved to a big boy crib shortly !! The next step is moving him across the hall, out of the CICU unit! We will all be glad to be out of there! In the next unit, it will be focused more on him eating and prepping to go home!! We can't wait. Overall everyone comments on how well tempered Jasper is. He doesn't get too fussy (like some babies on the floor) and has been the model patient a few times during new patient tours. Although we think maybe he is holding out until he gets home. ********************************************* I talked again with Dr. Levine, Jasper's cardiologist yesterday. She said, that Dr. Bacha saw that the heart was too small to do the complicated surgery he wanted to fix the unique heart. So he did the shunt to bide some time, and then at 6 mos they are hoping to go in and nudge the aorta more into the left ventricle (it is now aimed more at the right ventricle), patch the hole and work on the small pulmonary valve. ********************************************* Thanks again everyone for all your well wishes and positive thoughts! We wish you all a happy December.

Trying to get him to open up

He's starting to take it...

He is starting to seem enthralled with what is going on

Yeah! He likes it :-)

Fast asleep after eating.

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