Just counting the days now..

10:09 pm CST February 16, 2009
Well Jasper's continues to be stupifyingly cute and seems to be very comfortable with his trach. With the small exception of almost dying today, (his tube clogged- happens in the beginning sometimes, so he couldn't breathe, heart rate went to 58 , they had to bag him and his room was full of dr.s in about 6seconds. They get him back up to normal, and 5 min later it's like nothing happened) which gave mommy and daddy a but of a heart attack, he's tolerating everything extremely well.

Tomorrow ORL will give him his first trach change and after that we believe that things will probably start to move pretty quickly. The next 10-14 days will basically be trach boot camp. In the meantime! Mr. Guy Jarvis came by Sunday afternoon to say hi to Lil' J and brought with him some fixin's from Blue Ribbon BBQ for mom and dad - which we devoured like hyenas. Big ups to the Jarvises. And today Mammie and the Buckley's dropped in to see what all the fuss was about. Turned out to just be little Jasper looking around and making little fish sounds with his lips.

So we trudge on, Becca shouldering the bulk of it while dad does his best to keep her spirits up and give her strength. She is a complete superhero and the strongest person I've ever known.

Check out the Kick-Ass hat from the Jarvises

Hangin with Mammie and the Buckleys

Jack! Don't punch Jasper

Sooo Cute..

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