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12:32 pm CST February 18, 2010
Which is not small feat for this guy. We are amazed looking back at the year Jasper has had, the obstacles he has overcome, and how his body has held up to the rigors the hospital, his condition, the surgeries etc have put him through.

We are almost done weaning his last narcotic! It has been about a monthlong wean and it is very hard for Jasper. Every other day we go down about 10% carefully monitoring Jasper for signs of withdrawal and stress. About a week more and we are done!

Due to the weaning, we are seeing Jasper more alert everyday, although some days we take steps back, as his body needs more rest.

So we wake up, he plays, naps, and we try to work on getting him back up to speed for his age. He is very behind, about that of a 4-6 month old, as he has been spending much of the past year in surgery and recovering. We hope Jasper is enjoying his days and his life here with mom and dad. He responds to his parents very well and likes to wake up and sleep with them in the middle of the night.

We are very lucky to have him.

this has been the wean plan for his Ativan

FINALLY! we get to try out Jasper's bday present from the Lopopolo family!

Jasper asleep in his hichair. His vent is the laptop looking device on the ground. On the right is his feeding bag, as he is on continuous feeds. The machine on the footrest is his oximeter, it tells us his oxygen saturation (93 is AWESOME!) and his heart rate

Jasper's meds for 8pm, they all go in through his Gtube, the tube in his stomach

pic from Valentines day! Wow our little guy is BIG!

Jasper's favorite spot!

Jasper's crib with his vent to the right of it. We have 2 vents, one we keep at the bedside and one to bring around with us.

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