Keeping Our Fingers Crossed..

11:37 am CST December 16, 2008
After a really tough Sunday with several SVT episodes, Jasper went back to the ICU for closer observation while we waited for his new heart medication to start working.. Of course, once they sent him over there, it didn't happen again and continues to be stable. That's my boy! Sooo... As of Monday, he's back on the Cardio Floor and just kickin back. Still needs a little oxygen and is still being fed thru NG tube, although he has been getting very limited bottle feeding and seems to be getting really into the pacifier. The bottle issue is that they want him using all of his energy on recovery and bottle feeding consumes a tremendous amount of the calories and energy that he's getting.. so he might be on the tube for a while. Looks like he's going to be at Children's for at least another week, most likely longer. The head surgeon (Dr. Bacha) wants him to be completely breathing on his own before they send him home.. Also, we found out yesterday that if he is admitted for one calendar month then Medicaid will cover all expenses from the hospital stay, which puts us at Jan. 1st. I bet they release him on the 31st. ******************************************************** Update 16 Dec, Well we moved back to the ICU Tues night, Jasper's Oxygen keeps going down for brief periods. The ENT dr's came into the ICU with their scopes and looked at his airway, apparently it is very immature and there is some blockage. We are just seeing it now, as he is getting stronger and more active, thus needing more O2. Also we seem to see his O2 drop down when he gets angry, (diaper changes and baths). They are hoping lying him on his side will alleviate the problem for the moment and we will look further into it today. Also, many babies outgrow this. Lets hope he does too. *********************************************************** Jasper has been on another nose type of ventilator, his stats have been good and he hasn't had any episodes. ( Laryngomalacia (also called congenital laryngeal stridor) results from a congenital (present at birth) anomaly of the larynx (voice box). A weakness in the structures in the larynx, can cause stridor. Stridor is a high-pitched sound that is heard best when the child breaths in (inspiration). ) Options are to go back to do nothing and wait, go back to a breathing tube, surgery to repair, or have a tracheostomy. We will hopefully find out today what the ENT (or ORL as they liked to be called at children's hospital) will want to do. ******* On a side not, be careful with your identity. Rebecca just got a bill for outpatient surgery in South Caroline that she has to straighten out today. Hopefully they will believe her that she has never been to that hospital and they should use photo id's when admitting patients.

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