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9:19 pm CDT October 31, 2009
Happy Halloween

Jasper is stable :-) lucky are we :-) We also moved rooms down the hall, still ICU but more in the back as he is stable right now and doesn't need so many eyes on him. His surgery is scheduled for next Friday, right now it looks like it might be just the pacemaker, not the Glenn. And the surgeon said tonight, dialating his trach stoma as well, so we can go back on the trach and get the tube out of his mouth :-) Although we thought they might wait putting back the trach in until after a few days after the open chest surgery, to reduce the risk of infection.

Our wonderful heart surgeon, Dr. Emile Bacha has gotten an amazing opportunity to head up the program at Columbia Presbyterian medical center in NYC. We will talk with him further and see what he thinks of Jasper in the upcoming weeks and whether we should continue to have him as the surgeon, or he will be stable enough for a new set of hands to take care of him.

Chris and Jasper's Auntie Anne Marie sent a darling bear!!!! (see pic :-) ) How sweet are they sleeping together!

Uncle Richard and Auntie Nancy, we owe them many thanks for the prayers Jasper will be receiving from the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception. We certainly need all the prayers we can get.

And a special prayer to our neighbors in the icu, as their beautiful daughter became an angel.

new room, Jasper's Halloween costume hanging on the bed!

it's chilly in here

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