May 23, 2010

7:37 pm CDT May 23, 2010
Children's Hospital has a memorial service every year for the children who have passed away. We are going this Wed night and are looking forward to seeing our friends from the hospital community we have gotten to know. Having spent roughly a year in the hospital, we adapted to a different lifestyle, it is hard to see that suddenly change.

Chris and I went up to Maine this weekend and had a quiet time. We visited with some family on Chris' side as well. It was very nice but very difficult at the same time. The weather was beautiful and it was hard to think of how much Jasper would have enjoyed the sun, light breeze and scenic places we visited.

We are thankful for each other, and for Jasper's soon to be little brother Reece, due at the end of July. We wonder how much Reece will look like Jasper and look forward to meeting him.

Days come and go, and here we are at 3 months out since Jasper became an angel. Some days are better than others. Grief is hard, losing a child is devastating. We are taking one day at a time and thank everyone for their continued thoughts, prayers and kind words.

Jasper's golf site is up!!! Check it out, it will also be linked to the heart site soon as well.

atop of Mt. Battie today

last year at this time

climbing up the tower on Mt. Battie

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