maybe a week from today

2:52 am CST February 24, 2009
that's when we might get discharged if we get the at home nursing care lined up! That was the word at the meeting today.

We have our MRI tomorrow Tues. Jasper needs to be sedated for that :( Wish us well with that :-)

We had a good day today, we learned the trach change, maybe the more scarier part, but actually the easiest. Then we got to take Jasper for a stroll along the corridors! We really had a nice time.

We would really like to stroll out of there. Especially before he catches the GI bug that is going around that floor (that we wished we had been moved to 11 south to avoid :-( )

a happy family

a closeup of Jasper on his walk waving hi to everyone

Jasper on his 100 wishes blanket, a gift from Auntie Pammie, cousin Abby, Sara and Jack

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