Merry Christmas 2009!

11:06 am CST December 25, 2009
Happy Holidays from Children's in Boston! Santa visited, see the pics below! He came when we were online video chatting with the cousins, so he said hello to the crew as welll!

Jasper is doing ok today. He is getting a high fever again and mom and dad have noticed he has been sleepier, so they are running cultures and tests.

Chris made an swesome photo book of Jasper's first year that was so great, we can't wait to share it with people.

We are thankful we have our little guy this Christmas and that we get to spend it together as a family.

We hope everyone gets to feel blessed this holiday. Thank you everyone

during PT wed

Jasper holding his favorite toy while he sleeps

look at this awseome name banner Katie T. made!


WOW look who's here!!!

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