Mom and dad are sick!

9:00 am CST January 29, 2009
Well Chris and Becca have colds, they are home today and won't be able to go to the hospital :-( . As we speak, Jasper is sitting in his bouncy chair resting. We hope he has an uneventful day.

ON Mon night, his feeding tube cmae out when his nurse went to pick him up, so Tues we went back to IR to put it in. Mom let the staff know that they should take better care to avoid that. She wasn't very nice about it.

Jasper had a sleep study Tues night as well, we haven't gotten the full report but they could tell he obstructs when he sleeps. We are thinking they won't let us go home without a stable airway, so they trach might happen. Tuesday day they tried to do a MRI, Jasper wasn't too happy about sitting in a tube for45 mins, so we nixed it. We hope to get the quick cat scan done this week though.

Last night he did have an episode of SVT, they were able to break it with meds and his blood pressure stayed the same the whole time ( a very good thing) so he tolerates it.

Today we will be home resting thinking of Jasper everyminute and hoping he is doing well.

patiently waiting

not happy but glad it's over

back to feeding and sleeping

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