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6:07 pm CDT October 20, 2009
***22 oct 09 tThey are closing Jasper's chest right now. His pressure levels in his heart are acceptable numbers for the surgeon and they are happy with his urine output, as he is on a lot of diuretics to remove all the fluid in his body from after surgery. So hopefully they will be able to close his chest today, they said it is a 50-50 chance, and if it doesn't work today, they will try again in a couple of days. In the mean time Jasper is holding his own and we are trudging through the hours. Thank you for all your +thoughts and prayers!!! ***7:am Wed Oct 21, Jasper had a great night!!!! We are so lucky. We hope our week is uneventful.

After a confusing morning, we did end up going back into the OR around 12:30. Today's surgery was more complicated than last week's.

The good news is that J's out and back on the floor. Dr Bacha was able to close the rogue holes that were tucked here and there and he also modified the ASD and the right ventricle once again. The bad news is that the wall structure between the two main ventricles seems very weak and already became compromised directly after today's main procedure. Dr Bacha was able to repair the hole, but seems extremely concerned about that particular area.

He did mention that if it was not for the weakness of the ventricle wall, this operation would have been a complete success.

So, basically, we need to get through the next 4-5 days..

Oh yeah, and just to make things as fun and exciting as possible - his chest will be open for a few days, just in case they need to get back in there in a hurry.

Keep bringing the good thoughts, we need em pretty bad. Jasper's going to get through this because he's a fighter, but not without some major hurdles over the next few weeks.

Cheers, Jasper's Dad

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