nice weekend

10:39 am CST January 18, 2009
Jasper has had a nice weekend thus far. They started his feeds yesterday again, we have a NG tube,in his nose so he is being fed to his stomach. He has been enjoying reading his books, and he had some new ones to read as Child Life at Children's has books and toys to lend out during a child's stay.

Jasper had some visitors! Grandma Kersten came! And Auntie Pammie (her first visit :-) yeah she isn't sick anymore) Auntie Shell and Mammie!

We have some stuff ahead of us. I believe we will just work on feeds and getting him off the nose cannula (he is just on room air right now with the cannula). I know they will want to get the G tube procedure in at some time as well as his Cat Scan for his head. One day at a time though, I think we will just focus on playing with some new toys!

with Grandma Kersten


his two aunts!

my new hat from Kristin Hippe!

full body shot

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