No Leukemia

9:27 pm CST December 8, 2009
That is the best news, they did the bone biopsy today and Dr. Place the oncologist rushed it to the lab at 2pm and we were able to find out tonight that Jasper does not have leukemia. However, his bone marrow is abnormal, and they are doing more testing. So either it is from the stress of everything, surgeries, infections etc and that is why his blood looks weird, or it is pre-cancerous which they will find out in the next day or two, either way it will just be under watch for a couple of months.

The Cath went well, they didn't find anything too terrible and it looks like they will NOT go into surgery anytime soon. It might just be more time in the ICU to watch the right ventricle and left ventricle that has been having problems as well.

Jasper is pooped out today and we hope he has a good night sleep, mom and dad certainly will.

Jasper holding his hands yesterday playing

dad changing his diaper as Jasper watches his mobile

he like to pull his nose

going down to the cath lab

doing his bone marrow biopsy

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