No more helmet!!

4:52 pm CDT September 14, 2009
Jasper met with Dr. Proctor the neurosurgeon today. He is very happy with how his head is looking and how his bones feel. While we weren't able to get a catscan when we where inpatient recently, the Dr feels it is ok to stop helmet therapy!!

When Jasper is inpatient for his heart surgery, they will get a catscan then to make sure the sutures in his skull are still open to allow for brain growth. It looks like we will not need a 2nd surgery, hopefully. The catscan will actually confirm that. But the dr feels pretty good about the progress Jasper's skull has made. While his head is still small, it is showing good growth!

In the meantime, we are trying to clean and organize before we go back to the hospital, as whenever we are there, the home gets a bit cluttery. This past admittance, while short is no exception. So off to cleaning...

thanks everyone for all you support!!!


this morning jasper in his crib waking up

Jasper and dad at the miracle maker reception at the zoo!

flashback to his newborn days! he has come a long way!

home from the hospital,

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