Oct 12 2010

10:17 am CDT October 11, 2010
Wow, October 12 2010 is a year from the day Jasper had his Biventricular repair surgery. That was a tough day. The weekend before Chris and I stayed in all weekend enjoying time as a family. Sunday morning Chris made breakfast and Jasper played in his hi-chair while we ate. Jasper had been making strides in his development we were so proud. His physical therapy and occupational therapy were going so well!

We were so nervous about the surgery yet so hopeful. We were looking forward to getting over another hurdle and seeing Jasper do well with this procedure that would give him a 4 chamber heart.

Things were tough after the first surgery, followed by 2 more heart surgeries and a couple of heart cathertizations. We didn't know if he would pull through then. We saw many families in our shoes, some lost their children, some left the hospital with them and went home.

This was probably the toughest icu stay for us. It seemed to be the most stressful. December turned out to be a sad month in the cardiac ICU as there were several losses and the grief felt in the unit was gut wrenching.

I would never imagined a year later I would be without my Jasper, have held a wonderful fundraiser in his name, and be with his little brother, what a year. Our hearts still ache and we still cry but we think of all the amazing people we encountered and how they tried so hard to keep Jasper going.

jasper in his hichair the day before surgery

playing on his mat

getting ready for bed the night before

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