Oct 29 2009

8:14 am CDT October 29, 2009
Been pretty quiet the past few days. Just letting Jasper rest. So far he seems to be in heart block, so they guesstimate he will be in the OR for his pacemaker next week. As far as the heart function, they are waiting and watching. They are happy they have been able to wean him off some drugs.

He moves around a bit, and sometimes opens his eyes. He still has the breathing tube in his mouth, as the incision from surgery could get infected with secretions from his open heart surgeries, as that incision is so close to the trach stoma.

We have to wait until after the next open chest surgery, the pacemaker + if they decide to do something else, then the following week from that he will go into the OR and ORL will dialate his trach stoma as that has closed a bit.

They need to keep him out until then......... But Hopefully he will be awake for his birthday! Mom has been busy planning that and is looking for a bakery that can deliver. :-) Child life at Childrens is going to help with some balloons :-)

Thanks for all your warm thoughts and prayers. We are amazed at how Jasper keeps fighting and fighting. He loves holding our hand and listening to stories. Also we play music for him and it calms him down :-)

hazily looking at his favorite toy from when he was an infant

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