Off Cpap and back on it again

11:34 pm CST January 3, 2009
well, we went off the cpap for a day and a half and then Jasper's CO2 levels went up again at 4 am on the 3rd, so he went back on the CPAP, he is having his sleep study tonight and they are very hopeful that this will give the answers. Jasper contracted C. diff as well and is on meds for that. ************************************************** On the plus side a dr noted that Jasper's movements are doing well despite the prognosis of low tone, and said we should continue giving him the stimulation we are giving him. What an excuse to go out and get some new "stimulating" toys. He loves his new book from the Vanderpiles! And we can't believe his attention span for looking at it. He also showed keen interest in a documentary tv show about architecture Chris was watching. *********************************************************** 4 Jan 09 Well, we are getting more comfortable with the idea of Jasper having a tracheostomy. At this point it looks like it is the best way to get Jasper to where he needs to be to grow and develop. (can't do that hooked up to a machine at a hospital and we need to get him bigger for his next heart surgery) We have our big meeting on Wed to get eveyones point of view on the situation. The good news is that he could come on the the trach, and with his heart surgery and surgery for craniosynostosis this year, we wouldn't have to deal with the risks that repeated intubation would bring, among other reasons. Well, this is sure going to be one tough year, but we certainly help Jasper through it and look forward to the day when this is just a bunch of pictures in our album!

Jasper likes to read!

I like socks!!!

Visit from grandma Kersten

Back on CPAP, hanging out with dad

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