One baby step at a time

9:03 pm CDT April 6, 2009
The surgery for his craniosynostosis went well and Jasper is recovering! He is getting his helmet tomorrow, Tuesday AM. We picked out a jungle theme. He needs to wear it until he is about a year old. The helmet will help shape his head as his brain grows.

If it was just the skull stuff, we would be out of the hospital. Jasper has been having some abdominal issues, so we are waiting to see what happens with that. Maybe he is allergic to the breastmilk etc, or maybe his jtube is hitting something inside... we have some more tests tomorrow. Once Jasper's tummy is a-ok and he can take his feeds again, we are good to go.

Jasper's next heart surgery was supposed to be around 6 months, as his size is still pretty small, his cardiologist told me that his shunt can stay for some time, years even (as long as his oxygen saturation levels are ok) and that they will plan the next surgery when his size is right, not based on age :-)

Jasper's mum and dad are alternating nights at the hospital, which seems to be working out well, we just hope Jasper can come home soon so we can all be together. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


the next day after surgery

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