ORL Surgeon Pretty Happy With Supraglottoplasty

7:04 pm CST January 14, 2009
Well Little Jasper's looking a bit beat up after todays surgery, but Dr Ostrower seemed satisfied with how it all went. There's still no way to tell at this point whether or not the procedure was successful, though we were certainly relieved to hear that he wouldn't be getting the trach at this point. So, for 48 hours he'll be getting steroids and morphine and antibiotics and only IV feeds, so that sounds like fun. After that the breathing tube comes out and for now all we can do is hope for the best..

THURSDAY................. well his heart rate has been down in the 80's. (normally 120's-140's) but his other stats have been good, (blood pressure, ox sat, etc) so we all believe it is just due to the morphine he is on. It looks like tomorrow they are going to pull the tube! Cross our fingers and saying a prayer he can hold his own! They said they will give him 2 chances to be on his own without assistance before they make the decision to do a trach.

Today was pretty quiet, he was waking up and trying to move, good but not so good as his moving his body and head around, the wiggle worm that he is, aggravates the already swollen throat, not helping it heal. Hence the morphine. He slept a lot today and we are hoping the steroids he is on will help with the swelling. He also got a blood transfusion today as his hematocrit levels were low.

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Before Surgery

After surgery, we can see his face!

day after surgery

I know everyone thinks their baby is the cutest... but he is pretty spectacular!

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