Pre Op for Heart Cath is Tuesday

5:54 pm CDT September 7, 2009
Wow is it September already? Where did our summer go. We have had a great week, taking very long walks, grandmom Elaine came to visit, and Jasper has been just enjoying being a playful little guy.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th of Sept, (auntie Pammie's Birthday!!) Jasper has his pre op for his heart cath on Wed the 9th. We are eagerly awaiting the results, yet very anxious about seeing our son go under again. We just want to stay home with him and do nothing but enjoy his wonderful company. We feel so lucky to have had such great days with him. He is learning new things every day.

So mum is packing the bags and making sure we have all the stuff we need. We hope to not have a long stay, but we know we can't plan on anything. Wish us luck!

with grandma elaine

Jasper playing with these cool buttons from Communication Enhancement

Jasper holding onto one his most favorite toys, his keys, we take them everywhere

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