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6:17 pm CDT May 19, 2009
We are just enjoying time together, trying to figure out how to make it all work. We had the quickest hospital stay ever last week when Jasper's feeding tube got clogged and we had to go to the ER, in at 5:30pm and out and home by midnight.

We have a bunch of apts Wed, Neurology, renal, helmet and general surgery. Hopefully they all go well!

Jasper loves being home! He loves listening to stories, listening to music, being held and cuddled and sleeping in mum and dad's bed.

We wish everyone a happy early summer, and thanks for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers.

3 for dinner

a quick recap, yes he is growing!

a card from uncle David and Lisa! flowers from grandma Elaine :-)

fell asleep while playing

asleep on the couch

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