10:38 am CST December 4, 2009
****THIS JUST IN**** We will probably have a heart cath next week to see how J's heart is doing. Also they are doing a calorie test on him today to see if he is getting too much as he does seem to be putting on the l-bs pretty easily, must get it from his mom :-)


Jasper has been making forward progress, every day weaning down on his methadone and ativan, and coming doing well on his pressure support sprints on the vent. He is doing well with PT and loves sitting up and looking around.

Dad continues to go in after work, but mom has been very sick all week with fevers :-( and has been home trying to get better. We left everything in the crib the morning we left with Jasper, and one of his socks is still in the crib between the mattress and the slats. Mom misses seeing her baby and calls the nurse thoughout the day to hear about him and how well he is doing. .

Thanks for all you + thoughts and prayers

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