sleep with all those wires???

10:21 pm CDT August 7, 2009
*UPDATE 2nd night- Chris said the cpap was ok, he didn't love it, but the bi-pap Jasper hated and was pretty miserable :-(, it looked like it didn't do much for his high C02 either.... maybe back to the drawing board.....

**** update #2 9 August 09 Saturday - We are home, discharged at 11:30 am! Jasper is VERY tired and sleeping soundly :-)

Photobucket Well it's the 2nd night of the sleep study. First night was with a lot of little wires attached to Jasper. Tonight is with cpap to see if that helps. Helps meaning his c02 levels go down, they have a machine that measures it on him, but also they test his blood before during and after, yeah fun...

So he was pretty p-o'd last night, with all the wires and the determination of the sleep tech to put this moustach like monitor under his nose, that YES he kept tearing off. Even when they tried after he fell asleep, YES he woke up and tore it off. He hated it, so finally she gave up, as Jasper WILL NOT !!!

Perhaps you can tell from my tone, but mum is a bit tired and annoyed. How do they expect to get an 8 month old to sleep like he normally does with all the contraptions attached to him is actually laughable. And that is really what is keeping me sane, laughing. Chris and I switch off every other night, so I am home tomight! Yeah, sleep for me.

They think he might go home with cpap at night. Although Chris just txted me that jasper is hating the cpap and keeps pulling it off. .... So we shall see.

Hopefully we can go home tomorrow, Saturday, Pulmonary seems to think so, fingers crossed!

kept tearing it off

our cozy nook, not bad for $1000 night, compliments of Blue Cross,

this wonderful company, Earth Mama Angel Baby, sent a boxload of goodies to the cardiac ICU way back when, and we got to share their fabulous stuff with everyone! Their bum balm rocks too!!!

our room

our man

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