Spring is here 2011

3:25 pm CDT April 30, 2011
Hello to everyone and thank you for checking in on us!

Spring is here, the warmer weather has arrived and we find ourselves outside a lot more. Walks, sitting in the backyard garden... We are having a wonderful time with Reece, he is almost 9 months old. Time does fly. He loves to talk to Jasper via his photos, he laughs and pats Jasper's face. Jasper's spirit is with us everyday.

We went to a yard sale recently and picked up a walking toy that was Henry's! We had never met Henry's mom before and how funny that we went to this table and found something for Reece there! The world works in amazing ways sometimes. It was one of Henry's favorite toys too his mum said, and Reece has been loving it!

The Jasper Johnson Memorial Golf Outing is gearing up for its second year. We are going to have a great time August 8, 2011 at the Blackstone National Golf Club in Sutton MA. Visit the link below to see our event page. Raffle tickets can be purchased as well. We have some great prizes coming in... an autographed baseball from a MVP player thanks to Verizon, keep checking our site for updates to prizes!

We miss our Jasper terribly and think of him everyday. We think of our all the wonderful people that have helped Jasper and us and we soldier on. Thank you for your support-

Becca & Chris

Thank you Verizon Wireless for the awesome official major league baseball signed by 2008 All-Star MVP and Red Sox slugger JD Drew!

Reece with Henry's toy!

Reece loves walks as much as Jasper did! A lunch break at the fountains on a beautiful spring day!

The bunny is from a wonderful nurse at Children's who helped get it for Jasper when she knew mom wanted Jasper to see the Easter bunny.

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