Starting to Think About Heading Home

10:35 pm CST February 19, 2009
Don't tell Jasper, but things have been going pretty well this last week. ORL changed out the trach piece on Tuesday and Wed morning we were packed up and headed out of the ICU and back on to "the floor" - 8 East. So far he's been very comfortable with the new apparatus and just recovering and growing. It will still be at least another week and half or so, but everything is in motion at this point to get him home. Equipment is ordered and Becca and I are getting more acquainted with the maintenance that we'll have every day. In all, the stuff that seemed so big and scary before is starting to feel much more manageable. Keep your fingers crossed and most importantly don't let little J hear the word h-o-m-e. That's usually when he starts to play his little tricks.

Jasper really liked hanging out with the guys when Luke, Steve and Zach came for a visit. He couldn't take his eyes off them. He rolled his head for a moment to look at mom when she asked him who his new friends were, but then turned back to his new crew.

Three men and a baby..

Crusher's telling JJ how he's going to kick everyone's butts at darts.

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