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7:36 am CST December 11, 2008
Well we are excited that we are not on the ICU floor, but now in 8 east, a regular cardiac floor. Jasper is doing well, some minor glitches with speeding heart rate, etc. We transferred Sunday and this is the first time I am at a computer to update. I have been staying with Jasper and Chris comes to visit before work and stays til late every night - there's only one pull-out and they allow only one parent to stay over night. We had a roommate when we arrived and they were discharged the next day and then had a couple of days to ourselves, oh that was nice. But we are back to a roommate again. The rooms are less than ideal.. It is pretty tight space and then to share it during a stressful time gets tougher.

*********************************************** Jasper is still on the NG tube for feeding, his body still has a bit of fluid so they are treating it with diuretics and hopefully that will clear up and we can get on to bottle feeding. Not sure when we are going home, but I think at least another week. Thanks for keeping Jasper in your thoughts and prayers!

Steve and Kim Deane stopped by and gave Jasper his first darts team T!!!!

he pulls at his wires so we put socks on his hands

Mom and JJ all tucked in..

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