Still no definite answer...

2:46 pm CDT July 26, 2008
Well it was overall a good visit with the pediatric cardiologists at Children's Hospital in Boston. While we still don't have a definite answer, it doesn't look any worse. On the plus side, the small ventricle, although small, is growing in proportion with the rest of the heart. A possible diagnosis might be a single ventricle type of heart disease with a dominant left ventricle with two good valves, and or Photobucket and or an unusual variant of Tetralogy of Fallot. Photobucket For explanation of TOF, see link ******************************************************** We go for another echo in 7 weeks or so. In the meantime, we are getting ourselves prepared for his arrival. ************************************************************* On a funner note, we made some purchases this week, stocking up on warm clothes for the winter and oil prices to come. And we went and registered which was not too overwhelming.

Jasper's sock monkey baby book by San Francisco artisan Molly West

Jasper's warm sleep sack from Canada.

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