Still recovering

9:45 pm CST November 11, 2009
Well the days are filled with pain meds and naps. Jasper is on his full feeds and they have upped his intake. He gets 32 calories and ounce and is getting 32 cc's an hour. He gets methodone and ativan every 4 hours. They have started to ween the meds today. If everything goes well, he could be off the meds in a few weeks.

Jasper will be a little awake, sometimes responding to a story being read, and he will settle down. He loves stories! Everything from Bed time bunnies to hooray for fish, and even a New Yorker article here and there..

He might get a Picc line put in tomorrow and they could take the femural line he has in, which is not in a fun spot. We haven't 'held him yet, wow tomorow is his one month from BI-V surgery date :-0 time does fly... He loves holding our hands too. We really love our little guy he is such a sweetheart. Thankfully the nurses don't get sick of mom talking about the mundane details of his life at home!

doing one of his blank stares

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