Still sedated

10:02 pm CDT October 14, 2009
Wed 14 Oct 09- Jasper is still heavily sedated and they are keeping him paralyzed still. They did remove the chest tubes today! He was battling high heart rates again today and high blood pressure, and tonight around 9:30pm he suddenly got very mottled from head to toe. It's still minute to minute management, assessing his needs and adjusting meds. They will keep him sedated until he can get a handle on his heart rate. Hopefully that will work itself out in the next few days. These things are to be expected after such a major surgery.

Jasper had pulmonary stenosis, where his pulmonary valve was super small, and they fixed that. The big thing, his right ventricle, they essentially scooped out muscle from that small right ventricle, so while his right ventricle recuperates, it is very tired from the surgery. There is still a small hole inbetween the chambers so the blood flow can go there while his RV heals.

thanks for thinking of him!

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