Summer 2011

12:30 pm CDT July 18, 2011
What a busy summer it has been! We are excited for Jasper's golf outing coming up soon.... August 8!!!!!!!! We hope to see you there, our raffle prizes are awesome and we wish all participants the best of luck. We have been getting help from some wonderful people, we feel so blessed.

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We attended a golf outing for Child Life for Children's Hospital Boston, that was great! Chris did get a little heat stroke though, but we had a great time nonetheless

We attended the Helping Hands Healing Hearts picnic in RI, it was so wonderful to see so many heart survivors out playing and having a great time with their families. We of course thought of how much our Jasper would have loved to be there too and wished he could have been playing with his little brother Reece.

There are a couple of great groups for family support in the New England area for heart families


We love meeting new heart families!!!

We visited Children's Hospital Boston for a great reason... Rita had her bday 3rd birthday party.. and it was also a going home party as they found they get to go home too! Yay Rita and her new heart!!! We wish her family all the best and our prayers are with Rita and certainly her donors family as well.

thank you Jasper for putting us on a path for meeting so many incredible people! What lucky parents we are!

Reece at CHB under one of Jaspers favorite pictures

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