Summertime Fun

2:06 pm CDT July 13, 2009
Tomorrow, Tues, we go for a swallow study! They called and had an opening. They said to bring Jasper HUNGRY! so that they can watch him eat... by MOUTH! We are excited!

We had a couple of guests, cousins Abby and Liz, 2 high schoolers! Jasper liked to look at them :-) We went on LONG walks together... 7 miles one day. Jasper had a great time but was certainly tired from the walk.

We also took him to his first cookout at the Deane house for Kim's b-day! He did well and was happy in mums arms watching the party. And we took him around the corner to our favorite Mexican restaurant, it went super!

A BIG THANK YOU! To Emily, she colored a beautiful picture and gave Jasper a big bear. She has been very thoughtful to be saying prayers for Jasper!

Thanks Emily!

kindof clean

Jasper watching cousins Ab and Liz read Max Gerber's "My Heart Against The World," book

at the Deane cookout

sweet little man!!

every room is Jasper's room

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