Surgury pushed to Wed...

8:22 pm CST January 13, 2009
With Jasper's low grade fevers Mon night, and the rise in his white blood cell count, the teams decided to push his surgery to Wed the 14th. We are on the board for 1:pm. They will go ahead and try the super epiglottoplasty. Hopefully that will solve the problem! However, they might go in and see that Jasper's airway is too small to work on right now, in which case they will do the tracheostomy procedure. Either way, we hope that will give Jasper a secure airway and will move him forward.

He will also get a GJ (Gastrojejunal tube) tube put in after the epiglottoplasty. (A GJ tube is a radiologically inserted tube that is placed through the already established gastrostomy stoma and threaded into the jejunum in the x-ray department.) All in all, the surgeries will take aprox 4 hours.

For all you wondering, Jasper is about 21" and about 6 lbs. He started out at 7.7;bs and 19.3".

Tomorrow is sure to be a long day. We thank you for keeping Jasper in your thoughts and prayers.

with his hand rattles from Santa

wide awake Tues morning!

another beautiful blanket from another heart family. This was made from the great grandmother of a 2 yr old that spent time at CHB with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

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