Thank You Everyone!!!

5:46 pm CST November 21, 2009
Wow how amazing, thanks for the warm cards, thoughts, emails and gifts for Jasper!!! I took some pics below! And to everyone on FF for thinking of Jasper :hugs:

They did another culture today to check to see how his blood infection is doing, so 24-48 hrs will give us an idea of how the antibiotics are doing and if his body is responding to them. His fevers have come down, today down to 38.1, Thurs and the earlier week they were a bit topping 39.9. So he is defin a lot more comfy. They had to go up on his vent abit today to give him a break. But he has been comfortable.

Mom 'felt' funny so she came home to sleep all day, and look up every folk cold remedy, from onion tea to cayanne pepper with water to thwart getting sick. I can't miss the big guys big birthday this week.

So we are right now just waiting on the infections in his body. Heartwise they are ok with where he is. We need to wean him off his meds more as well. And then to work on the vent. People ask if we will be going home soon, but we can't really think about a date. It really is a rollercoaster, as things will be okay one minute and then there is an infection, or a prob with the pacemaker, so when people say to go one day at a time, it is because so much changes, sometimes every hour. We do know that with the BI-V repair, it is a long recovery and people stay inpatient aprox 2-4 months recovering. Also it is a fairly new procedure so there is not a lot of data.

We are glad to see it is Saturday, While this wasn't the worst week ever, it wasn't the best and we are tired from the stress of these past few days. We send our blessings to everyone and hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. Chris and I are very thankful we get to spend this Thanksgiving with Jasper, albeit in the hospital, we are lucky to have him with us.

A birthday card from Susan Tim and Thomas. Thomas holds a special place in my heart. He was due a week after but arrived earlier than Jasper. He is now an angel and we know he is watching down on Jasper.

a get well from Elizabeth and Madeleine!!

thanks to all the blood donors! See it goes to a good use :-)

his pacemaker incision is healing up!

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