The heart cath went well!

12:34 pm CDT September 9, 2009
*******Update sat 12 o9******* we are home!! got home yesterday on the 11th :-) Jasper is banging on his keys and watching golf with dad! We hope to hear from the surgeon this week as to when his next surgery will be, as they want it within 4 weeks.

**UPDATE** 10 sept 09 - still at CHB, jasper is slowly weaning of the O2, as of 8ish tonight he is on room air and holding his own, if all goes well tonight, we can go home tomorrow!

Yeah, Jasper is out and we are with him in the recovery room! He did very well. He has to lie on his back for 6 hours to be sure that the wound on his groin where they inserted the catheter doesn't bleed out. They only had to insert on one side and they got great pictures.

SO, the big news, his heart is doing pretty well, and his right ventricle has grown enough so that they will be able to do the 2 ventricle repair!!!!! This is great news and is what we were most anxious about. We certainly took a big exhale this afternoon.

They do want to get him into surgery soon, maybe the next 4 weeks or so, we shall see what the surgeon can do. Jasper looks wonderful though and his keeps waking and sleeping. He was up all night, so we are all a little tired. We hope to be discharged tomorrow. We will update with news! thank you for all your thoughts and prayers

the fish is back

the morning of the cath

in his clown gown, actually he is getting so chubby we will probably start having to dress him in moo moos

after his cath

after the cath, going up to the cardiac floor

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