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7:31 pm CST February 12, 2009
Jasper has come out of the surgery and the Dr.s said it was quite successful. Apparently he has a long neck, (thank you Dembowski genes) and that really helped as there wasn't as big a problem with the arteries as anticipated.

So he is back in 8 South, the Cardiac ICU and is resting. He might even be off the vent tomorrow, as well as back to feeds.

It was a long stressful day and we are glad it is over and everything went well. We are very grateful to the wonderful dr.s in ORL and Cardiac who worked together.

Jasper was also baptized today (see pics) Sister Clara who works at CHB came and baptized him. Mum was very proud of her baby. He even opened his eyes to peer out at the sister.

Well we are expected to be in the ICU until the change the trach for the first time, 1 week from today. From there, if things go well..... we will go to the reg floor, learn trach care and maybe go home ( really?) at some point. We do have another surgery for his skull in a few weeks, but we are hoping, maybe we can spend some time at home before then.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. We can't express our gratitude enough through this very difficult time. Thank you everyone.

before surgery

sedated after surgery

do not wear horizontal stripes when you are 2 months post partum and are going to stand next to a very petite person for pictures :-)

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