Two more weeks...

4:16 pm CDT July 9, 2008
until we get to have another echo and see what the past month of growth has done for Jasper's heart. Below are some pics by Dr Levine of the normal heart (top) and what she thinks is Jasper's heart. In the meantime, Jasper has been very active and likes to move around a lot, kicking and punching. He lets me fall asleep for about a half an hour and then seems to like to surprise me with a quick kick and then keep playing until I get up and walk around! We have received phenomenal support from many families with babies, children, teenagers and adults with various forms of CHD. It has been wonderful hearing everyone's story, and keeps us going. Thank you!!

Normal Heart

What Dr. thinks might be wrong with Jasper's heart.

from our weekend in Newport RI

ok I did just eat lasagna and tapioca pudding

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