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1:31 pm CST November 29, 2008
It took a couple of days to get some good pics of his heart, but right now we are given these, Double Outlet Right Ventricle D-Transposition Pulmonary Atresia Ventricular Septal Defect While they are debating still whether the right ventricle is a good size and if it can be called HRHS or not or whether it is a tetralogy type of chd... we are confused too :-) online album! Right now he is stable, they have a big meeting on Tuesday with the staff, and it looks like we will know more from there. Although a dr did mention we might just have to do one surgery?! the rastelli procedure, but we are waiting before getting too excited.

with the breathing tube

mom and Jasper

dad holding Jasper

new hat from Gandmom Kersten

eyes open!

with mom

his room!

pic before we left this morning. He might get a picc line today if they can, we are off to see him again.

even the IV nurse couldn't believe how long his feet and toes are! They made her laugh :-)

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