*UPDATE*OR again Tues 20 Oct 09

9:53 pm CDT October 19, 2009
*****UPDATE***** 11:34 am tues- just heard that OR called up, it looks like we are probably going down aprox 12:30-2:30 sometime, and the decision on what to do will be made on the OR ***UPDATE 11:13am .. Every Tues at CHB there is a big heart conference where all cases are reviewed. Jasper's case brought a lot of questions. They are reviewing whether possibly his RV might not have grown as much as they had liked. It is on the table to do a bi-directional glenn (How is a BDG helpful ? It decreases volume load on the single ventricle while improving oxygen saturation as compared to the pre-operative state. In addition, by being a low-pressure shunt, it does not carry the risk of causing lung blood vessel thickening and hardening.)

We are awaiting word from the surgeon still to see how he will proceed. We will certainly post an update when we hear one

The images from the Cath lab showed a residual VSD in the conductive part of the heart. That needs to be repaired asap. Jasper will be first case tomorrow 8:30 am Tues 20 Oct 09. On the positive side, of all things to be wrong, a VSD can be repaired. It is a difficult surgery, with the location, as that is where the main function of the heart takes place. We wish Dr. Bacha much luck tomorrow. We are thankful for all the wonderful nurses we have had so far as well. Shauna, Cindy, Melissa and John in the CICU have been wonderful and caring.

Jasper has been sedated and on a paralytic for over a week. We miss seeing out little guy and our last memory of him is handing him over in the ER. We are praying we get to see more of him very soon. Dr. Bacha is pleased to see that Jasper's heart has done well while on the paralytic, it's just when they try to wake him up tha tthere is trouble.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult and stressful time. These surgeries have certainly been a lot harder on us. lots of love, The Johnsons

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