We are lucky

9:02 pm CDT June 16, 2009
To have such a great surgeon as Dr. Mooney! He was able to perform the nissen fundo laparoscopically!

*******3 New England patriots players just came by to visit!!!!! We will have pics up tonight!!!! *****

Wow we thought for sure it would be an open surgery. This mean a quicker healing time. The doctor was very happy with the surgery, he ended up going in at 9am and they finished around 3ish, what a day for them. We are grateful for everyone who helped out and thanks to Dr. Christian from Anesthesia and his team too!

Jasper is recovering in the cardiac icu. They say he might even move over to the reg floor tomorrow! Pics to follow tomorrow s well, as we left the camera cord in the icu. As he is in the icu, Chris and I are both home tonight! Wow, it's been 17 days since we have both been home, and it feels strange, we miss our little one too. Well time to try and clean... or maybe just go to bed, Chris is back to work tomorrow and Becca is back to the icu in the morning.

Also we have our wedding anniversary tomorrow! Yeah us!

On another positive note, Jasper's wonderful pediatrician Dr. Tunick called to say that he received a great note from his neurologist, how wonderful his brain looks, the structure, tissue etc. We feel truly lucky tonight, thank you everyone!

before this hospital stay

mmmm dinner for 2

mum & jasper the morning of fundo surgery

going to the pre op room

in preop trying to get a pic of his tooth!

very chill before surgery, he is one patient guy!

nurse Mimsy! we had her in preop for the last surgery too :-)

taking our baby to the or :-(

waiting, waiting, waiting

seeing him in the cicu after surgery

not too bad :-)

the day after surgery and a visit from some of the New England Patriots!

day 2 after surgery! looking and feeling a lot better

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