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10:17 pm CST February 3, 2009
well they were able to get the GJ tube in! However, the first part of the surgery was to do the trach, and there was a complication. Apparently due to the structure of the heart, it influenced the arteries, particuarly the artery that goes where the trach would go.

So there is a very important artery going over where the trach would go. Putting the trach in could cause a hemmorage, which is not good. So the options are

#1 Stay on CPAP (not good for a baby to grow and develop)

#2 remove the epiglottis , often done in adults with cancer ( however, that would cause him to aspirate, leading to pneumonia, so to compensate he would need a trach

#3 surgically move the artery , which is what they are devising now. Dr. Bacha the cardiac surgeon and Dr. Ostrower the orl dr. are figuring out a plan to best do that. Let's wish them lots of luck!

Otherwise Jasper is a happy baby. All the nurses comment that he just loves to look at his toys and look at books. He is a very curious, and content baby! He is so sweet, we can't stand it ! Hopefully we will know in a day or two what their plan is. We will let you know when we find out.

before they extabated him

his new GJ tube

back on CPAP, but doing a good job with it!

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