Wed, 21 Jan 09

8:43 pm CST January 21, 2009
****** NEW VIDEO!!!!******************************* Well, we are still here! It's tough seeing other people come and go out of the ICU. We have been having pretty good days, however, Jasper has had some episodes of desatting (where his Oxygen saturation levels drop. Normal people are 95%-100%, with a shunt he should be about mid 80's) So Jasper had 2 episodes where he went into the low 60's. NEWSFLASH*** Jasper just kicked out his IV......

okay so back to the oxygen thing, they thought it must be due to airway blockage, back to the original problem, ORL came up with a scope, and the airway looks GREAT!, however they noticed he is pooling VERY thick secretions in his aiway, so we have to investigate why this is happening.....

Thursday 22 Jan we have a couple of tests, #1 they are going to put some dye into his feeding tube to see if he is aspirating etc and hopefully get a cat scan...

so, we just hope to have some answers soon. CHB (childrens hosp boston) takes a conservative approach things. They like to be sure of everything before they proceed. While I, and many others would like to just go ahead and proceed with other stuff, they like to rule out EVERYTHING, Which in the long run is certainly better.

Well on the lighter side, this wonderful CHB volunteer came by with his guitar to sing some songs!!! (See site some short clips of it) And Jasper is actually pretty happy most of the day being ready to, being sung to , and looking at his toys!

Mom and dad are now mostly white haired people and look like zombies, but all the better for Jasper to rule the house when he finally gets home!

Thank you again everyone for your comments, thoughts and prayers. Chris and I really look forward to reading them. These long hard days have a bright end hearing from everyone! love to you all Chris Rebecca & Jasper!

wow what a tough day!

trach instructional doll, sorry not available at Toys R Us

he's our little man

so sweet when asleep

he REALLY loved listening to the musician!!!

He likes the pacifier!!!

he likes falling asleep and listening to his musical lightup seahorse

watching a light up toy

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