Twin Time...

12:16 pm CDT August 11, 2010
Hi all! Well, all are visitors are gone, and the "heat is on"! It has been wonderful to have my mom, Eileen, Kelly and Will in consecutive weeks since the babies were born. Now, I really learn how to juggle all the feedings, dirty diapers, and house maintenance all on my own (while Matt is working)! With 2 babies, 2 dogs and 2 cats there is always a mouth to feed, but I am loving every second! Matt is back to work, but still manages to help with as much as possible. He loves the on-going nurturing and attention that the babies need, and he never ceases to amaze me with his natural abilities to be an exceptional father. The babies are doing well busy eating, pooping and peeing ;-)! Campbell eats like a little piggy and will quickly remind us when feeding time is near. Colin is a bit more finicky and chooses to be more modest in his portion consumption. Campbell has had a substantial growth spurt before Colin. He too has grown, but is (somewhat) noticeably smaller. They both sleep well at night and are allowing us 3 hours of sleep between feedings. This past weekend we had our first outing as a family and went to the Boston Public Gardens for a nice afternoon stroll. They did very well and were most certainly noticed by many as we heard dozens of gasps followed by "Twins!!!"... Some who peeped in commented on how we have "one each", meaning that Colin looks much like Matt and Campbell resembles myself. It has been a wonderful past 4 weeks at home learning and providing for our wonderful little miracles. We have learned so much about ourselves and how much love can be felt and given to our wonderful children. I find myself curious about the next stage in the babies lives, but also never want the current feeling I have to subside. I take no moment for granted and cherish everything (even the poopy diapers) :-)!

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